Your Guide to New Tyre Labelling

It’s difficult to muster up an interest in tyres, but they are the only thing connecting you and your car to the road, so the tyre you choose has an impact on your safety.

There are over 300 different brands of tyre on sale in the UK and there are vast differences between them so it’s difficult to know which one to choose.

The new EU tyre labelling law becomes compulsory on 1st November and they are designed to make the choice easier.

Check out our video guide on EU tyre labelling.

Tyre label sticker

The new stickers are designed to grade

  1. How good the tyre is at stopping in the wet

  2. How fuel efficient they are

  3. How much noise the tyres make

The fuel efficiency and grip on wet roads are both ranked from A to G, with A being the best. So a tyre graded A will mean your car uses less fuel than a car using tyres ranked G.

Equally, with wet braking, the difference in stopping distance for a car is 18 metres between class A and F. This is the length of more than two buses!

It really shows the difference in tyres available and the importance to your safety to choose tyres which are good at stopping in the wet.

The noise a tyre makes is measured in decibels. If you have any doubts or questions about them though, ask your tyre retailer and they will be able to help.