Customising Your Car

  1. Give your car an injection of personality and make it your statement on the street! Here are a handful of ideas but we’d love to hear yours and see your pictures of how you have customised your car.

    Email them to us at and we’ll choose the best ones to upload to our gallery.

  2. How about buying some plain cotton seat covers and dyeing them your favourite colour or even adding a touch of embroidery if you are handy with a needle and thread.

  3. You could also crochet some little head rests – just measure your headrest and do a square with whatever pattern and colours you like.

  4. Perhaps you like the floral touch, if so, you can buy cheap fake flowers from a range of shops and pop some in the car, perhaps on the back shelf (although make sure you can still see clearly out of the back window).

  5. You might consider making your own lavender bag air freshener to avoid the sickly fake smells of shop bought ones.

  6. Think about exterior designs – stickers are less permanent and if you are convinced about using paint then stencils are a good option to get the look you want.

To ensure you are driving in the upmost style, we also have this pattern for you to make your very own gorgeous pair of crocheted driving gloves!

Download Pattern
A crocheted driving glove